Executive Functioning

Academic, social, and behavioral difficulties are commonly linked to deficits with executive functioning. 


Executive functioning refers to brain functions found in the prefrontal structures of the frontal lobe, which affect behaviors that require planning, organization, memory, time management, and flexible thinking.

Although executive functioning is related to cognition and not standard parts of our behavioral terminology, the behaviors associated with executive functioning can be taught using the principles of behavior analysis. ​

Informational Videos on Executive Functioning

What is Executive Function?

Dr. Stephanie Carlson, professor and director of research at the University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development, briefly explains what executive functioning is and characteristics of individuals who have issues with executive functioning. 

Developing Executive Functioning Skills

John C. Barnard, Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction at the Bancroft School in NJ, provides a behavior analytic account of executive functioning and strategies on how to support and teach executive functioning at school and in the home.

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