Getting Started

There are six steps that will need to be completed before you are able to begin ABA Therapy at Behavioral Building Blocks.

Step 1:

Schedule a Consultation

Once you complete the intake questionnaire, Behavioral Building Blocks will contact you to schedule a time for an initial consultation.


**It is extremely important that you complete the intake form in its entirety to help us streamline our verification of your insurance benefits.**


After the initial consultation, If you decide that ABA services at Behavioral Building Blocks is appropriate for your child, we will officially begin the enrollment process and provide you a written copy of our policies and procedures.

Step 2:

Review of Policies and Procedures

The Guardian(s) will be asked to sign the necessary paperwork to complete the enrollment process. 


**In addition, we will need insurance information, a diagnosis letter, and a prescription from a licensed provider for ABA Therapy.**

Once the initial paperwork is completed and submitted, Behavioral Building Blocks will contact your insurance company or funding provider to verify ABA eligibility and benefits.  


If ABA services are being paid for privately, Behavioral Building Blocks will schedule a time to begin the Assessment and you will move to Step 4.

Step 3:

Authorization for Assessment

After your insurance or funding provider benefits are verified, Behavioral Building Blocks will request an Authorization for an Assessment.


The time that it takes to obtain authorization to start the Assessment will depend on your insurance company or funding provider. Authorization may take up to 30 days.


Once authorization is approved, Behavioral Building Blocks will contact you to begin the Assessment.

Step 4:

Assessment and Treatment Plan

The time that that it takes to complete the Assessment will depend upon the complexity of the problem behavior(s), the flexibility of your schedule, and Behavioral Building Blocks' ability to conduct observations in the environment where the problem behavior(s) are occurring.


After the Assessment is completed Behavioral Building Blocks will write a Treatment Plan. 

Step 5:

Treatment Plan Review

After Behavioral Building Blocks completes the Treatment Plan, a meeting will be scheduled with you to review the Treatment Plan.


Then, we will submit the Treatment Plan to your  insurance company or funding provider for final approval.  


If ABA Services are being paid for privately then Behavioral Building Blocks will begin ABA services.

Step 6:

ABA Therapy

Once your insurance company, or funding provider authorizes ABA treatment, Behavioral Building Blocks will contact you to begin 

ABA treatment.

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