Language and Communication Skills

Behavioral Building Blocks uses a Verbal Behavior Approach because language and communication greatly impacts a person's learning and behavior in all areas of life, it is important that language and communication skills are accurately assessed.  


Our Verbal Behavior Approach allows us to break language down into finer components providing a detailed analysis of a person's strengths and weaknesses with language and communication so appropriate language and communication interventions can be created.

How it Differs from Traditional Approaches

  • Verbal behavior focuses on the function of language rather than the form

  • The speaker learns how to behave as a speaker and listener

  • Focus is on how the person uses language to interact with others

What Can Be Done?

Deficiencies in a person's verbal behavior, nonverbal behavior, and listener behavior are an underlining cause of learning, social, and behavioral problems.  Consequently, Behavioral Building Blocks primarily utilizes the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) to identify impairments and barriers impacting a person's ability to meet foundational language, learning, play, and social skills. Once the person's impairments and barriers are identified, comprehensive plan is created and implemented using the principles of ABA.

Other Behaviors that Can Impact Language and Communication

Nonverbal Behavior

Listener Behaviors

Basic Verbal Operants

Verbal behavior classifies language into functional categories referred to as verbal operants.  The basic elementary verbal operants are the foundational building blocks for more advanced language and social behavior.  






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