One of the most important principles of ABA and an essential component of most behavior change programs is reinforcement.


Reinforcement is a consequence that occurs after a behavior, which increases the likelihood that a behavior will happen again. Behavior expectations are emphasized because reinforcement is provided only when the person engages in the targeted behavior. Access to the reinforcer can be immediate or delayed depending on the person.


Potential reinforcers are identified through direct observation or asking the person or those familiar with the person what s/he likes. 

Reinforcement Considerations

  • Use food as infrequently as possible

  • Isolate some reinforcers and do not provide free access to them

  • Provide reinforcement immediately after a target behavior occurs

  • Pair tangible reinforcement with verbal praise and social attention

  • Provide the best reinforcement for the best behavior

  • Select naturally occurring reinforcers when ever possible

  • Always try to expand the person's reinforcers

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