Social Skills

Social competence is required for individuals to experience meaningful, positive, and long lasting relationships with others, obtain and sustain employment, and cope effectively and adaptively within one's environment. People who are socially competent are able to apply social skills to everyday social tasks across different individuals and environments.


Social competence in students can predict adequate long-term psychological and social adjustment. Consequently, identifying social skill deficits and their root cause is essential.

Behavioral Building Blocks uses a behavior analytic approach to assess and develop a treatment plan that addresses the function (cause) of social skill deficits.


Social skills instruction at Behavioral Building Blocks is systematically and explicitly taught. Social skills instruction may begin with teaching a person to approach others, asking their peers for preferred items, and/or interact effectively with their peers.

Informational Videos on Social Skills Instruction

Teaching Social Skills to Teens with ASD

Dr. Adel Najdowski, associate professor and director of the Master of Science in Behavioral Psychology program at Pepperdine University, provides a summary of how social skill instruction should be developed and implemented.  

Teaching Social Skills to Individuals with Autism

Dr. Mary Jane Weiss, senior director of research at Melmark and director of the Master's program in ABA and Autism at Endicott College, discusses assessment and treatment options for teaching social skills to individuals with autism. 

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